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The Final Fantasy IX Perfect Game Wiki is intended to house a complete and ever-updating guide to the perfect game run for Final Fantasy IX, which includes the Excalibur II and the potential for max stats.

A big thanks must go to Atomos199, the original creator of the Excalibur II Perfect Game Guide on GameFAQs, as well as everyone who helped in its creation. Without him, a perfect game in Final Fantasy IX may have never been thought possible. Much of this wiki is taken directly from his guide.

Goals and Requirements of the Perfect GameEdit

Perfect Game Checklist

Goals and Requirements

The Golden Rules: Tips and guidelines to the Excalibur II Perfect Game

Max Stats: A guide to understanding "Perfect" and "Max" stats, and the debate surrounding them

All circuits are listed below. Use the search bar if you would like to look up strategies for specific areas or bosses, or any other element pertaining to the Final Fantasy IX Perfect Game including the Excalibur II.

Notice to PAL gamersEdit

Contrary to what was thought years up until now, it IS possible to complete this challenge on the PAL version of the game. camdad04 has completed a run on the NTSC version of the game, where if the time is adjusted roughly for PAL, it is under 12 hours with a few minutes to spare. However, you will have to be extremely strict about how many encounters you take and how quickly certain battles go if you are to succeed. As of yet, it is inconclusive as to whether it is possible to complete this challenge on PAL and also collect 10 Promist Ring, as this requires a major detour. camdad04 is in the process of a run that does just this (on the NTSC version, time adjusted for PAL). If you would like to check out his theoretical PAL playthrough, click here

Circuit ListEdit

Disc 1Edit

Circuit Start Location End Location Target Time
Game Introduction
1 NEW GAME Alexandria Steeple 00:08:37
2 Alexandria Steeple Alexandria Castle Guardhouse 00:18:16
3 Alexandria Castle Guardhouse Prima Vista Crash Site 00:32:50
4 Prima Vista Crash Site Evil Forest Spring 00:44:24
5 Evil Forest Spring Gunitas Basin 00:50:49
Black Waltz
6 Gunitas Basin Ice Cavern 00:57:32
7 Ice Cavern Dali Storage Area 01:15:21
8 Dali Storage Area Lindblum Inn 01:39:18
Lindblum Kingdom
9 Lindblum Inn Lindblum Castle Guest Room 01:55:23
10 Lindblum Castle Guest Room Lachenta Wetlands 02:12:33
11 Lachenta Wetlands Eunorus Plains 02:27:17
12 Eunorus Plains Gizamaluke's Grotto 02:34:10
13 Gizamaluke's Grotto Daines-Horse Basin 02:52:17
14 Daines-Horse Basin START OF DISC 2 03:03:32

Disc 2Edit

Circuit Start Location End Location Target Time
South Gate
1 START OF DISC 2 Bentini Heights 03:13:14
2 Bentini Heights Gargan Roo 03:25:03
3 Gargan Roo Cleyra's Trunk 03:33:10
Cleyra and Back
4 Cleyra's Trunk Cleyra's Trunk Revisited 03:37:40
5 Cleyra's Trunk Revisited Cleyra Inn 03:40:42
6 Cleyra Inn Cleyra Inn Revisited 03:49:42
7 Cleyra Inn Revisited Cleyra Sandpit 03:56:36
8 Cleyra Sandpit Red Rose Cabin 04:11:36
9 Red Rose Cabin Alexandria Chapel 04:19:44
10 Alexandria Chapel Pinnacle Rocks 04:47:11
To the Outer Continent
11 Pinnacle Rocks Lachenta Wetlands 04:57:52
12 Lachenta Wetlands  Fossil Roo Cavern 05:13:32
13 Fossil Roo Cavern Fossil Roo Mining Site 05:19:48
14 Fossil Roo Mining Site Magdalene Forest 05:24:49
Outer Continent
15 Magdalene Forest Conde Petie 05:34:26
16 Conde Petie Mountain Path 05:39:09
17 Mountain Path Lucid Plains 05:41:44
The Iifa Tree
18 Lucid Plains Iifa Tree Roots 05:55:13
19 Iifa Tree Roots Lucid Plains 06:15:07
20 Lucid Plains Pualei Plains 06:28:43
21 Pualei Plains START OF DISC 3 06:42:26

Disc 3Edit

Circuit Start Location End Location Target Time

Alexandria and Treno

1 START OF DISC 3 Nolrich Heights 07:26:41
2 Nolrich Heights Treno Knight's House 07:36:44
3 Treno Knight's House Lindblum Castle Guest Room 07:57:36
To the Forgotten Continent
4 Lindblum Castle Guest Room Keira Desert 08:20:18
5 Keira Desert Oeilvert Outside 08:30:13
6 Oeilvert Outside Oielvert Star Display 08:37:40
7 Oeilvert Star Display Desert Palace Rack 08:45:16
8 Desert Palace Rack Desert Palace Library 08:50:15
To the Lost Continent
9 Desert Palace Library Esto Gaza 09:06:04
10 Esto Gaza Lindblum Castle Guest Room 09:25:35
Ipsen's Castle
11 Lindblum Castle Quest Room Ipsen's Castle 09:44:26
12 Ipsen's Castle Pualei Plains 10:07:34
Terra and Pandemonium
13 Pualei Plains Bran Bal Storage 10:19:47
14 Bran Bal Storage Pandemonium Maze 10:41:38
15 Pandemonium Maze START OF DISC 4 10:55:03

Disc 4Edit

Circuit Start Location End Location Target time
1 START OF DISC 4 Memoria Entrance 11:05:14
2 Memoria Entrance Memoria The Past 11:10:46
3 Memoria The Past Memoria Portal 11:20:39
4 Memoria Portal Memoria Time Warp 11:26:43
5 Memoria Time Warp EXCALIBUR II 11:31:09

IMPORTANT NOTE: This timetable does not take into account the time taken for the 10 Promist Ring Detour. It will take around 15-25 minutes to complete aunctioning 9 Promist Ring at Treno, depending on how flexible you can be with the bidding and time.

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